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John Millea

“Stories are powerful because they help us connect abstract ideas to real life. Things like faith or courage or love. These things don’t really mean anything apart from being lived. Jesus is the perfect example. Not only was His message often wrapped in stories, but His own story, His life, was the message, God’s Word in human flesh, the Truth in action.” - John Millea

John Millea (pronounced Mill-ay) is a singer-songwriter with a passion for storytelling. Drawing inspiration from life and Scripture, John writes lyrically driven songs that are rich, authentic, and deeply spiritual. “My training and background is in ministry, so I guess I’m a songwriter with the heart of a preacher,” he says. Like his sermons, John’s songs often come through prayer, Bible study, and hours of careful craftsmanship. If he’s going to tell this Story, he wants to tell it well.

In early 2016 John released his first studio album, Things New & Old, which was successfully funded by his fans on Kickstarter in 2015. In this collection of 11 songs, John explores themes of brokenness and redemption, opening up to listeners about his own brokenness and bearing witness to God’s healing grace.

John’s latest release, “Call Me Grateful”, was written as a funding reward for friend and Kickstarter Backer David Kim. In exchange for his support of the Things New & Old Kickstarter project, David asked John to write a song about his personal testimony. “I emailed a demo recording of the song to him," John says, "and just a few minutes later David emailed me back and said, ‘What would it cost to produce this song?’”

“Call Me Grateful” is available exclusively at NoiseTrade.