Small Churches


It’s been a week since we returned home from my fall tour, but I feel like I’m just getting out of the car. Everything is still a little hazy in the aftermath of my first bout with the flu in as long as I can remember. Thankfully I am on the mend and feeling well enough to get a little work done. I’ve been mulling something over for a few weeks, wanting to share some thoughts with you about my life as a small time singer/songwriter.

PR Church.jpg

After one of the concerts last month, someone asked me, “Are you ever disappointed when you come to small churches?”

It had been a tense night after the pastor of said church told me there would be a last minute venue change and likely a small crowd. What I do isn’t easy. Writing, recording, booking, traveling, performing, advertising, promoting, and on and on… all with the uncertainty of an income that is based on sales and donations. Will this church be generous? Will they buy CDs? Did they understand when they invited me here that this is my livelihood?

I can’t say that I don’t worry sometimes. I do. Sometimes I am stressed to the max. But earlier that night the Lord had spoken to my heart… through my own songs, and His peace had come over me. I work for God, and that means a level of uncertainty that most folks would not tolerate, but it also means that God provides for me, and He’s never failed to come through.

Am I ever disappointed when I come to a small church? It can be a temptation, but I try to remember that small churches are often the fullest, the most hospitable, and the most generous churches we visit. In fact things turned out better than I was led to expect on the night in question, and we had an engaged and generous group turn up that really made us feel welcome and appreciated. That night I was reminded once again that the Lord provides.

A warm thank you to everyone in Wisconsin and Minnesota who came out to hear the music and share your support. You made this fall tour a great success. We’re glad we came!