My name is John Millea

(pronounced Mill-ay). I write songs about life as seen in the light of God’s word. People tell me that I remind them of singer-songwriters of the past like James Taylor or Neil Young and that they’re surprised by how open and honest my songs can be.

In 2014 I released an EP, Ballad of a Thief, followed in 2016 by my first album, Things New & Old. I haven’t been acclaimed (or even disclaimed) by any critics, but people have said some nice things, like this from Ty Gibson, pastor at Storyline Church in Eugene, OR:

“There is a captivating quality to the songs of John Millea. He speaks through his music, I mean he really speaks his mind, his heart, his story, arousing questions, evoking both introspection and joy. John is a storyteller, and his songs are his medium. Deep pain mingled with beauty seems to be at the heart of his narrative, and it comes through, sometimes even framed in humorous wit. It is with high enthusiasm that I recommend Millea’s music and his live shows.”

Lately I’ve been writing a lot of new songs in preparation for my upcoming album. They are mostly about my wife and girls, the joys and sorrows of parenthood, and the things God has been teaching us through the experience of marriage and family. You can hear all the songs early and join in the creative process by becoming a patron. Find out what that’s all about at: