Shane Hochstetler

“John Millea brought a beautiful experience to our small church in Laurel, Mississippi. His songs and the stories that accompanied them were relevant to the life experiences of many who attended and brought them hope. He brings a unique musical style with simple instruments producing rich sound that shies away from elevating the artist and instead points to God, the true hope for humanity. John was very easy to work with throughout the entire booking process and concert, and I would wholeheartedly recommend John and his lyrically charged music to anyone.”

Shane Hochstetler, Pastor

Scott Moore

“John Millea's style of singing is both relaxing and energizing. Relaxing in that it draws you to Christ through lyrics supported by good music and energizing in that it introduces you to a God that cares about His people. I appreciate the way that God is using John to convey the gospel message through music. We will have him back at our church in the future.”

Scott Moore, Pastor

Raja Masilamony

“As a pastor, I have always considered music as a powerful tool in worship and an instrument which is effective in reaching others. I want to thank John for sharing with us his moving testimony through songs. Every song he sang had something to do with his life and how God brought about incredible changes.  The church was blessed by John’s amazing testimony. I want to recommend John Millea to anyone who might be looking for someone who could bring hope and encouragement through music.”

Raja Masilamony, Pastor

David A

“I love John’s music. There is found therein an authenticity and vulnerability which we don’t see often enough in Christian communities. His music touches a chord in my soul that is connected to my childhood and yet also to my present. It’s hard to explain, but John’s music, from the first time I heard it, reminded me of some of the great singer/songwriters I’d heard as a child on the radio, in simpler and better times. John’s music is to me profoundly nostalgic but also perfectly modern and relevant. I recommend both him and his music with great enthusiasm.”

David Asscherick, Pastor

Jennifer Jill

“John Millea would be worth hearing for his guitar and vocal skills alone, but his songwriting ability makes his music even richer. In the tradition of Americana, folk, and gospel, he distills big ideas into accessible songs. John mines a truth from Scripture, articulates it into a concept, dresses it in poetry and sets it sailing on a river of music, all in his unique, unmistakably John Millea way.”

Jennifer Schwirzer, Songwriter