Life On the Road


There are some great things about life on the road. It often affords us the opportunity to see friends and family who don't live near us. It puts us in close proximity to exciting sights and experiences (like wading in the Gulf of Mexico in January or fly fishing in Maine). And of course, it gives me a chance to share my songs and stories with people all over the country.

But life on the road also has it’s drawbacks. It involves a lot of driving, eating out, and staying at other people’s homes. Of course we enjoy these things now and then, but when it’s every day for 3 or 4 or more weeks, it gets to be tough. We always end up craving our own space, our own bed, our own kitchen, etc. This is becoming even more of a challenge now that we have a little one.

My wife and I plan to travel together as a family at least until our first kids start school, maybe longer, and I’ve recently come to a realization: my family needs a place of our own on the road. In order to make life on the road bearable in the long run, my kids need a place to call home when we’re not at home.

This is why I’ve started looking for an Airstream trailer. There are several reasons I’ve settled on Airstream: they retain their value, they’re durable and reliable, they’re light and maneuverable. The first one we purchase will likely be ready to roll, but eventually I’d like to find one to remodel to fit our use.

So, do you or someone you know have a travel-ready Airstream for sale? Do you have a SUV with low miles and around 10,000 pounds towing capacity for sale? Let us know if you’ve got any ideas or if you’d like to help in any way! Drop me a line at: