Tee Shirt Giveaway!


Hey Friends!

I need your help in spreading the word about my album Things New & Old. Here’s my idea, you help me spread the word about the album, and I’ll give you a tee shirt for the cost of shipping and handling (otherwise known as $5).

1. Share one of the links below on your favorite social media (FB, Instagram, or Twitter) along with a word about why you like my music (or a specific song) or something along those lines.

https://open.spotify.com/album/0Bvq5OAIQkJ6gKqFpYPHAm (or share the album from Spotify)




2. Follow/like my page and tag me in your post.

John Millea Music on FB

@johnmillea on Instagram

@johnmilleamusic on Twitter

3. I message you a discount code to get a tee shirt for $5! (Redeemable at johnmillea.com/media/#store-section)

4. You get a shirt, put it on, and love it!