CD Sale - Buy One Get One Free


Hey friends!

To celebrate the launch of the new, we're giving away CDs! Till July 31st, with every purchase of Things New & Old, you will get a free promo copy to share with a friend.

Here's the story:

When I received my Things New & Old CDs from a company that will remain nameless, there were a couple errors in the printing. It was especially disappointing because I had spent days making sure it was all just right, and the company had sent physical prints for me to review, which looked perfect. Anyway, I received 1000 misprinted CDs just a few days before the CD release date. It was a letdown for sure.

Thankfully the company was cool about it, and after they had a look at one of the misprints, not only did they offer to reprint the CDs, but they told me to just keep the misprinted ones! So now I have a thousand CDs that I can use for promotional purposes, like this giveaway.

So head on over to the store and take advantage of this little deal while it lasts!



P.S. If you know of a concert venue (church, house, cafe, etc.) that may be interested in booking me for a concert, drop me a line and I'll mail you a promo CD to share with them. Same goes for writers, promoters, record labels, managers, radio stations, the list goes on... :)