Living in the NICU


Hey Friends!

You may already know that when I’m not on tour, I work part-time for my in-laws on the farm. At this point, I don’t make nearly enough money from music to support my little family, so what I make working on the farm is pretty important to us.

 First Family Photo!

Since my daughter’s birth two weeks ago, I’ve missed a lot of work. My wife and I have been sleeping at the Ronald McDonald House down the block from the hospital, and besides that, we spend basically all of our time with Margaret in the NICU. I did drive to the farm for work a few days last week, but it was hard on both my wife and me. This week I’m planning to stay in town at the hospital.

Which brings me to my point. Will you help me sell some CDs? If you don’t have my latest album, maybe you could go ahead and take the plunge! If you have it and love it, maybe you could buy a couple to share, or you could tell your friends about my music and my family and just ask them to help us out. I’m hoping to sell 50+ CDs this week to help cover the time I’m spending with my girls here in the hospital.

Here’s the link to my store page: (or you can just scroll up and find it in the menu bar)

Thank you for all the prayers, help, and encouragement you’ve sent our way already!

Peace to you,

John Millea