Thank You


My Dear Friends,

From the bottom of my heart, thank you. The response we received to our call for help last week was tremendous. In fact, we have received enough in sales and donations to cover all the time I’ve spent away from my part-time job these last three plus weeks. I hope all those CDs will be a blessing!

Margaret is doing quite well. The only thing keeping us in the NICU right now is her feeding stamina, but she’s made fine and steady progress, and we might just be nearing the finish line. Today we reached a feeding milestone, the removal of her nasal feeding tube! No more annoying tape on the face for Maggie, and no more fussing with dangling tube for us! Things are going well enough that we are hopeful that we will sleep in our own bed this weekend.

Elisa and I are tired of living at the hospital/Ronald McDonald house, but we’re enjoying all the time we have with Margaret and each other. We are still waiting on the genetic lab for confirmation of her diagnosis, but her condition isn't causing any issues that would keep us from bringing her home once she reaches her feeding goals.

In the name of the Lord Jesus, we thank you for your love which has warmed us and ministered to our needs.

Peace be with you,

John Millea